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Working to end stigma

How ?

Show the faces behind the stats.

Many mothers are ashamed to speak of how their children died.

You can’t grieve authentically if you are hiding the truth.

Their children died of a brain disorder - by the grace of God, anyone who ever had a drink or took a pain pill ... it could have been them, it could be you.

I plan to travel across the USA and meet the grieving Mums. And document.

Simply put - collect our stories, show the world who we are because to so many, until you meet me, I am just a junky’s Mum.

But we are not ‘other’! This is what we look like - smart, brilliant women from all walks of life.

200 mums a day at least! It’s quite an army!

Organizing naloxone training (opioid OD reversal).

Yep, it’s the CPR of our times. If the boy who was with Luke that night had naloxone and was trained to use it ... would my life be different?

The empowerment to save the life of some else’s child.

Talk talk talk about it. Change perspectives.

Talk to youngsters - you would tell someone’s Mum if your friends were fainting and bleeding a lot - but if they are doing drugs ... you don’t. Why?

If they are partying hard maybe we should see it as a red flag, not amusement. Tell someone.

The stigma stops access to treatment, not just through the sufferer’s shame but through insurance codings. Rehabs across the USA are way below capacity and people are dying, unable to get their insurers to cover costs.

Access to medically assisted treatment should be at your GP, not in special clinics. Those patients are not ‘other’. Their treatment shouldn’t be either.

Do you really need that opioid prescription?

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